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Violette Packaging Ltd was founded in 1980 in Nea Ionia, Athens, by Anastasios Touisizogloy, a machinist of Demokritos Research Centre. The company was driven forward using the necessary know – how, the innovative spirit, as well as the objective to produce quality products. The result was to establish Violette Packaging Ltd as one of the largest commercial and manufacturing packaging companies.

The new installations of the organization are in operation since 2008. The areas of operation are not limited in the domestic market, but there is also an exports expansion. Violette Ltd is a long-term supplier of leading companies in the industries of cosmetics, advertising, tourist services and HORECA sector.

We have developed a wide range and variety of products and services (sachets of cosmetics, refreshing wet tissues, place settings). Moreover, our huge experience in packaging services help us provide complete and customised solutions to our customers.

Our product catalogue is also enhanced by hotel amenities and consumables for food service.



Our company is located in the new privately-owned installations in Aharnes Attica, since 2008 – our offices, warehouses and production areas are included.

The installations – 2.000sq.m – have been designed in the appropriate way to comply to current legislation and GMP requirements.

They also allow optimized handling for stock and productions.

The conditions of the production areas are regularly monitored.

The installed production and auxiliary equipment of the company is under continuous update and ensures the meeting of customer demands, timely, with reliability and quality.

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Violette Ltd has developed and implement an integrated quality management system as per the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2015, in order to achieve continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. It is also certified according to ISO 22716:2007 for cosmetics GMP, showing the company commitment to customers and end users of cosmetic products.

The main goal since the company foundation is the continuous research that leads to product and service improvement and enhances customization to individual customer needs. This is the reason why we are established as the number one choice of the largest companies.

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Machis Kritis 2, Acharnes • Phone Number: 210 2775177 • info@violette.gr • violette.gr