Violette Ltd offers a great variety of single use refreshing wet tissues. They are gentle to the skin because of their neutral pH , they are compliant to current regulations & they are parabens free.

The range of tissues offers 4 basic perfums: lemon, lavender, floral and white musk, and 3 different dimensions: 6x8cm, 7x11cm & 7x14cm.

Our customers can also choose between different types of packaging materials. Basic materials are Polyethylene (PE) and Aluminium (ALU) and extra choices are paper or polyester with glossy or mat coating. The tissue can be paper (6x8cm) or non woven (7x11cm, 7x14cm). The tissue packaging can be printed according to our customers choice.

Violette Ltd also has developed an innovative product, a single use demake-up tissue.

An additional service available both in refreshing or demake-up tissues, is the option to the customer to use their own bulk, provided that it is registered in CPNP and that MSDS&TDS are available.