Violette Ltd is a leader in packaging services of cosmetic products in sachets. Our customers can choose between a great variety of dimensions and materials to create their combination.

Basic packaging materials for sachets are Polyethylene (PE) and Aluminium (ALU) and extra choices are opalina or polyester with glossy or mat coating, depending on the bulk characteristics and customer choice. The packaging material can be printed according to our customers choice.

There is a great range of available dimensions, depending on customer choice and sachet content. The minimum content is 2g and the maximum 20g.

  • 6x6cm
  • 6x8cm
  • 6x9cm
  • 6x10cm
  • 6x12cm
  • 6x14cm
  • 7x7cm
  • 4x13cm
  • 4,5x8cm
  • 4,5x11cm
  • 4,9x11cm
  • 6x6cm perforated
  • 6x8cm perforated
  • 6x12cm perforated
  • 6x14cm perforated
  • 9,5Χ11cm perforated